Tuesday, August 11

my one true love

Seeing how I am pleasantly single, I have come to realize that my one true love may be my motorcycle. I have finally reached the point where I feel totally comfortable on it. Its only taken like a year, but things have finally clicked and I just have that feeling that I know how it works, and how to make it do whatever I want.

In that respect I think it may be better than any future guy...I think I have had to much lemonade/ice tea ( OMG there's this drink mix that is like 10 calories a serving or something created by Arnold Palmer- uhh hes a golfer I think but yeah I am addiction beyond belief)

anyways...my dad and I headed to Sylvan Beach for Bikes on The Beach night. A street lined with bikes, chillen by the beach is a perfect night in my eyes. Great weather, great people, and ice cream! I'll go anywhere with motorcycles and ice cream...uhh so here is a picture of my bike, its about time I show it off, this was taken last year at uhhhhhhh snap I forgot the name (blame the MS for my spotty memory recently, but it was a reservoir up north somewhere in NY)

ahhh life before MS, but there's me and my bike like 1 week before the start of Junior year...I think we have plans for a second big ride before senior year...I am not to sure as to when though, hopefully tomorrow!


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