Tuesday, August 11


My mom, my brother and his friend and my grandpa left this morning for Gloucester, MA. They are going on a deep sea fishing trip tomorrow, but its about a 6 hour drive so they headed out today.

That leaves my dad and I to roam around aimlessly. So far we have worked on my car together, I think we did something with the AC or something with tubes and cans and such. He is the ultimate Mr. Fix It, from cars to houses, he can basically do it all. My dad is a retired fireman, he retired when I was just turning 13, so hes been retired for a while.

Anyways, in between the car talks and such, the subject of school came up. More specifically what am I going to do after school. I am a bit jealous of my friends who have plans to take a year off and wonder and then do grad school or work. My plans revolve around health insurance. So basically I need to a) get a teaching job right off the start that has health insurance or b) jump right into grad school and then find a part time job to cover living expenses- i.e-food and a car. If I am in grad school my parents insurance will cover me till I am 25.

So at least I have options...they may not be my top choices, but realistically I just got two insurance statements, one for my last MRI and one for Tysabri for the month of July and the total for those two is just under 10grand...so paying for it myself is not a option, buying health insurance with a low wage job is impossible, epically if I need to factor in buying a car that is super reliable...so that leaves me back with options a or b.

I am basically counting on loving teaching, if I don't I am a bit screwed for school and budget and ect....

and I lost track of my thoughts so I am off like the wind...ciao

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