Thursday, August 20

Lunch Date

So I was supposed to have lunch with my aunt today. On my dads side my aunts and uncles are all classified as seniors now and my dad is the youngest by 11 years or something.

My aunt is the complete opposite of me. I am quite and shy, she is loud and outgoing. She has like 100 friends, I have a few super close ones. She is ecentric, I am the excat opposite of it. She likes to dress up for everything and anything, I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.

But, I am still her niece at the end of the day.

We had lunch,movies and shopping plans today. I went to meet her for lunch, she ran into a old friend that she worked with years ago. She had a 8 year old son also. They came to lunch with us. I think the only time I got to talk was to the waitress.

We saw The Ugly Truth. Loved it, I really like movies like that, funny, dirty comedy.

We went shopping at American Eagle. To make up for only seeing me once this summer and changing our lunch plans she just bought me a pile a clothes.

I wish she would get that for me its not about the clothes, I just wanted to spend actual time with her.

But, I am still her niece at the end of the day.

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