Sunday, August 9

Gloomy Sunday

Woke up to a insanely dark and gloomy morning. That's CNY though...

There is one particular reason I love Sunday mornings in particular...POST SECRETS!

When I am at school, Steph and I read post secrets every Sunday morning together, but when we aren't at school its my own little ritual to grab a bowl of cereal and sit and read them. For those of you that have not checked out Post Secrets, its definitely a weekly must read. Basically people around the world mail in their secrets on a post card to a man named Frank. Frank then posts the secrets online for everyone to read.

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  1. It's was gloomy here this morning, sunny and humid this afternoon and tonight it's been thundering, lightening and raining really hard. What's with this crazy weather!

    I've had others mention that blog to me. I should check it out!


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