Saturday, August 15

tired rambelings

I've got nothing to say. Well I have tons to say but it has been a few weird days and I guess I have my own things to work out.

Yesterday I got stuck peeling 10 ears of corn outside in 95 degree heat. It was a like half of hour long nightmare, heat 1) makes me feel sick 2) slows down my mind and my body which makes it super hard to do anything, but you prob. all know that.

We have about 3 pounds of fruit salad in my fridge- strawberries, melon, watermelon, grapes and was calling my name, I know have a giant bowl of it. It could be worse, like a giant bowl of ice cream though.

I also got my first Momentum magazine. I'm not going to lie I had no idea what it was ( somedays I am not too observant, its not like it doesn't say national MS society all over it) , but I was flippin through it and thinking, "why did I get this?" Then of course I had my "oh yeah I have this disease moment."

Alot of the people I went to high school with are getting engaged. People from college are getting engaged. A few of my parents friends kids are having kids ( they are like my age, give or take 2 years) but still...I will never understand the rush of it. I like the idea of a boyfriend but to actually have one seems like a lot of work. It's odd cause today a guy asked me why I wasn't with someone. So sure it would be nice to have someone around, but realistically when I am at school, I have school and student teaching and so much involved with it, like when is there time for a guy. Its more like sleep, eat, study, teach, plan, sleep.

I love tired rambling, ok ciao

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  1. The heat made me ill several times this week. This has only happened this year. What a bummer...


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