Sunday, August 23

A letter to a dear unwanted friend

Good Afternoon MS,

I would like to thank you MS for this not so lovely Sunday. The pain, which I assume is from you, is so intense that it kinda makes me nauseous. The last time my mouth- my teeth,my gums, my tongue, my everything, my cheeks, my jaw- hurt this bad I am pretty sure it was when my wisdom teeth were pulled out.

Thanks to you MS, my roommates keep asking why I look so sad. Its hard to explain the pain in my face currently and when I do explain it they say something like "oh my arms hurt from moving in too".Thanks again MS, try to visit next time during a more convenient time, i.e. never.


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  1. So straightforward.

    It sure doesn't help when others try to lump their everyday symptoms in as explanation for real MS.


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