Tuesday, August 25

a bit overwhelmed

So hoping not to have homework backfired...I had homework, and I have alot...luckily I got everything done for tomorrow, its 10:12 and its now my free time till I collapse. I have another rough day tomorrow...classes, 8-4, with a small break in between, just enough time for a sandwich and check my email.

I am in two methods of teaching classes, and even though they are simply pass/fail courses, its still a lot of work. I am the only undergrad, so its me and 6 other grad students which the only plus is that I have had a previous class last spring with them, so I know them and they no longer present that whole intimidation front ( or maybe I am just to busy to notice). These two methods classes are in one way better than last semesters for one reason only, no video taping of the lessons we demonstrate. Video taping made me nauseous and was a serious distraction for me during my lesson.

I have also realized I need to demand in some aspects respects for my major in my general education classes. The professors seem to overlook the fact that I am present, and group me in the history group, the problem is that I am unwilling to conform to their expectations that I will just "pretend" I am a history major. I have and will continue to bring the business prospective and methods forward to my group...

I guess thats what happens when you are a little fish in a big tank. ( I say tank because well I still have a kinda small school...ocean would be more of a big public or giant private school).

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