Saturday, January 24

Cause all I say,
It doesn't matter anyway.
All I say,
It doesn't matter anyway.
I'm giving up,
So call my bluff.
Cause I just need to be reminded who I am.
I'm falling apart.
~matt nathanson...falling apart

...i pulled out the yellow flyer that i ever so strategically buried in my desk tonight...i pulled it out, unfolded it and sent a email to the contact person on it...
so the group is called: young adults with MS self help group...
i guess i am scared to go to a meeting or something and meet all these people who all have the same thing...i dont know if i wanna talk about it...a
as much as i wanna pretend that this is a nightmare and i will wake up back to normal, i cant and i hate that...

ugh...nights alone at school suck...i am sure i will regret pulling out the flyer in the morning...
i mean, self like 10 years i will so need therapy because i may explode from all that is stuck in my head

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