Thursday, January 29

today sucked. i woke up feeling horrible. you would think after getting 9 hours of sleep i would feel rested and amazing. i woke up tired. around 11 i headed out to the craft store. my mission for the day was to build a bulletin board. however, when i got to my car i realized heading to the craft store would not be easy. my car (which really is a durango) had about a half a foot of snow covering it and was also plowed in by my friend, the plow man.  

it took me a good 20 minutes to get all the snow off my car and of course by then i was freezing. so i sat in the car to warm up and this ass hole was waiting for my spot...just waiting and because i was in a shitty mood i decided to send some texts and wait a extra five minutes. now of course at the craft store, i ran into a dead end with the bulletin board. apparently they dont sell table clothes or borders any time other than the fall. so i big sheets of black paper, and construction paper to make my own border out of stars. i headed back to school to start construction on this awful project.

when i was cutting out my border i realized my tremors were worse than normal. i dont know if it is because i dont feel well or what but they made it alot harder to do everything today. luckily though after about 3 hours, i finished my bulletin board which means i have way less homework this weekend. 

i really think a part of ms is a increase of swearing...i swear so much its contagious. my roommate has caught it and i am trying to stop, but for some reason swearing realizes some of the stress in my life. people do not get why i always have music on in my room or i will always have my ipod with me but really i have a good reason for this, music is a total de-stresser in my life. i feel like i can relate to music, i feel connected to it, it distracts me and puts me at ease. without it i would probably goes crazy...

another part of ms i am starting to realize is how affected i am by heat. when its cold outside and i am all bundle up and go indoors, like a store or class, i realize that i have alot harder time functioning. its weird, i start to feel like i cant breathe and then my tremors increase and then i just feel exhausted. it completely sucks...and i am rather terrified for the heat in the summer...

otherwise my mind is distracted and finishing this blog is rather difficult, especially because i have alot more to say...maybe later

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