Monday, January 19

cheese cubes and feeling funky

how do you explain a funky feeling...umm i cant but i do feel funky. funky as in out of the ordinary. but is it just my mind over reacting. the last two times i felt "funky" i ended up in the hospital. this morning i woke up with a prevalent tremor in my right hand and an overall more difficult time controlling my muscles. even typing now is shaky and my fingers just dont want to work like they are supposed to. it did make taking notes in accounting pretty much impossible...

but the question remains, how do i know if what i am describing is a side effect of the anti-spasm meds, prednisone, or i am just paranoid?

four classes today and i ask the my doctors really believe i can be stress free in college because i have just over 6 hours of classes today...thats pretty ding dang darn stressful.

i think this may be a good way to reduce stress...or at least it gives me a reason to do something on my computer besides for now i am eating cheese cubes in front of the tv all while balancing my laptop on the edge of my bed and trying to finish this post before lunch...


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