Thursday, January 22

garbage plate and ooh yeah alittle bit of tysabri

well today was my first tysabri treatment. my arm is puffy from the iv site. i think i had a allergic reaction to the tape stuff they put on your iv to make sure it stays in. i think everything went well. 2 hours of boredom while other patients getting treatments in the same room complained about everything under the sun. i messed up my ipod and somehow only ended up with one cd in it...but luckily it was matt nathanson...and it was the live on, and during his dialogues i couldn't help but laugh. laugh out loud of the other people around me rolled there eyes and i just stared off and pretended like i didnt really laugh. 

after i was done with the transfusion and the 1 hr waiting time after i headed out with my parents to a bakery and got a cupcake and chocolate milk. then it was back to hospital stuff...mri with contrast, which always is super fun because for some strange reason i love closed mri's( the ones where you get shoved into a tube). apparently i have no chlosterphobic fears...i kinda think i would love sleeping in one of those tubes every night. finally after being at the hospital from 9-2 i was free to leave.

then the best part...GARBAGE PLATES...yes i said garbage plates, you know trash on a plate...j/k but mine featured mac salad and home fries covered in cheese burgers topped with meat sauce..
.. simply amazing...
now back at school, finished my studying and i will say i am wiped out. i am seriously exhausted... my arm hurts and looks nasty...but overall it went well, no real serious complaints...

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