Tuesday, February 3

6:15am should be illegal

i started observations in my new school today. i didnt realize that schools actually let students listen to their ipods or wear baseball hats in school...i am still  scratching my head about that one. i got there insanely early because my teacher gave my the wrong start up time...or maybe i wrote it down wrong...i would hope it would be the first option, you know for my own sanity. i still got there at like 7:20...and whoops school maybe 
kinda really started at 8...i never used to get things mixed up like that. i hated the whole 6:15 wake up thing...it should be illegal, but never-the-less i did it, one day down. anyways, i watched four classes and all were incredibly boring. back on thursday for round two. 

then i head toward the opposite end of the city to grab two cds- the fray and the newest all american rejects. i do realize that i am heavily obsessed with music, but honestly its the only thing i can use to block out my thoughts. my ipod is probably my favorite thing in the world...i even wrote a paper on it. however, before i got to the store i stopped for gas. the last time i tried to get gas i failed miserably because i could not get the
 gas tank open. this time i was determined to be successful. i tried with all my might to use my right hand but thanks to the wonderful ms issues i could not gather enough strength to open it. so i was able to use my le
ft hand to open it but as i started to pump gas i looked down only to notice blood all over my right middle finger and trailing down my hand toward my wrist. apparently i knicked myself somehow and my clotting factors must be a bit off because i could not get this thing to stop. of course i had no tissues or bandaids, so snow and a piece of paper had to make due. now i can usually handle some blood but this was more than i can handle and i couldnt stop gagging...it really sucked...

so when i got to the store i bought two cds instead ... i then got lost coming back to school ...i cant for the life of me tell 390, 490 and 590 apart and i kept heading the wrong way...oops. 
after successful made it back to school i had to take apart my lovely bulletin board for my methods class. i was going to disassemble it and take it with me but the janitor just picked it up and threw it out. :( i think i did a damn good job for the stupid craft stores lack of materials. and if i get a crappy grade, at least i love the fact that i put some of the people from the office on it. 

i have started to read a new book, the maytrees, bye anne dillard. i am about 15 pages in and i can already tell i will like the book. i can wait to get focused enough and actually sit down and read alot of it. 

i am so not focused to get any homework done so i will continue to listen to music and wait for my roommate to return from her night class. and on that note, i am listening to the frays new cd that is self titled, the fray. i am completely obsessed with one of the songs, say when...
"I see you there, don't know where you come from
Unaware but you're still from someone
Don't Appear to care that I saw you, and I want you
What's your name? Cause I have to know it
You let me in and begin to show it
I'm terrified cause you're headed straight for it, might Get it

Hear the song playin on background
All alone but you're turnin up now
And everyone is risin to meet ya, to greet you
Turn around and you're walkin toward me
I'm breakin down and you're breathin slowly
Say the word and I will be your man, your man, say when"

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