Saturday, February 14

Valentines Day

its valentines day, so blah. it soo doesnt matter unless you are married or have a bf or something. anyways i am watching the su game and there was just a couple on the screen who got married this morning...aww how cute...but can you image if you were to umm divorce years later, then you would hate valentines day because you are single but also cause its supposed to be your anniversary...just a thought

anyways i feel weird. i got like 7 hours of sleep, which is like weird for me cause i am used to 8+. apparently stephs cousin likes to open and close our door each time she has to come in our room, which should only have been once to grab breakfest, but nope the door opening started at like 8 and continued till i gave up and got outta bed. she also had the tv on super i am a bit cranky and everything in my body hurts, every muscles and stuff...hopefully it gets better

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