Friday, February 6

its quiz day but dont worry is also stomach ache day

i have two quizzes today. one in entrepreneurship and one in international marketing...i think i bombed on already so lets see if i can pass the second. yes, i studied, but during the first quiz i blanked and all i could think about was how bad my stomach hurt. which made me wonder is it worse to have spasms or really bad stomach aches when i take the anti spasm meds...well, when i had spasms down my whole left side, i couldnt really go farther than 10-15 steps before i would have one...and well i can walk really far and do lots with a stomach ache...once i realized i am not going to puke and that tums are my friend, i seem to do quite well...but lately the pills are trying to kill my stomach...and they very well maybe accomplishing their mission.

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