Friday, February 20

mirror mirror on the wall

who has the puffiest face in the world? 

my face is puffy, and has been since my long steriod use...i guess 3 months of steroids and side effects wont go away in a day, but its been like 3 weeks and i am just looking forward to seeing my old face back sometime.

i am in a weird mood. i realized that i can sleep without benadryl but instead of sleeping from like 12am-10am it was more like 1am-8am'ish. by 8 something i was like wide awake, my ribs hurt cause i slept on my stomach. i am a restless sleeper and at least benadryl knocked me out and i would sleep all night on my back...

the good news is that i dont seem to have any side effects from the tysabri infusion, no headaches, no flu like symptoms, so i am pleased with that. i am more positive that next month everything will go just as smooth because the night of my infusion i am driving to see matt nathanson. i talked my mom into going, so it should be interesting. her and i get along for about a hour, three hours max...soo a weekend at the falls should be peachy.

i am sure this is only the first post of a few today...what can i say, i get bored at night at home...

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