Saturday, February 7

i am so not the "typical" college student

it doesnt feel life a saturday...ok i know its saturday but i spent 3 hours after dinner studying accounting and then watched step brothers with my roommate. i also did my laundry...i am officially the uncoolest college kid ever..well at least prob. the greater rochester area. 

so i was rather distracted earlier during the mind kept wandering to the weirdest topics.

topic uno: whats in my fridge. no joke, i kept wondering what was in my fridge...i mean seriously what could be in there...all i drink is gatorade and milk...i dont but milk so that leaves gatorade. yup, i checked and i have 6 gatorades in my fridge...but i also have about 40 under my bed...see, not lying i live on gatorade. i havent drank straight water since nov. i cant drink water because i had this experience when i couldnt swallow liquids in the hospital. a speech therapist made me try swallowing water even though i knew that was impossible. i couldnt even swallow my spit....let alone water. but none the less i tried and i choked. it was horrible and i spit it out and i just  cant get past drinking straight water again. 

topic dos: where the hell are my keys? are they in my jacket pocket? are they in my drawer? or did i leave them in the dining hall? all plausible options...but i couldn't for the life of me remember where they were...turns out they were on top of my desk...

topic tres: i knew i was planning to do something tonight, but what was it? i thought maybe i planned to go to the store, or fold my laundry, or well i cant remember if i was thinking anything else...turns out i was going to give my fish batman new water...maybe tomorrow batman...maybe tomorrow. 

ok enough to the bigger freakin memory. no i dont have like crazy memory loss but i cant remember some stuff. like i put away three shirts in my closet, all in a row. the first shirt was beige,the second two were blue. the whole process took about 20 seconds, i put them on hangers and hung them up. after i hung up the last shirt i turned to me bed and began to search the pile for the first beige shirt. i really didnt remember hanging it up. 

yeah its weird, but i just notice that stuff more and more. i cant remember where i put my keys, my homework...i forgot what i am doing while i am doing it...its freaky...i feel like i should play a million games of memory to help with this...who knows.

but it is saturday which means tomorrow is sunday which means i can sleep in tomorrow and i can get lots of studying done. yipee! *rolls her eyes* i think i may be the opposite of the "typical" college student...

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