Monday, February 23


lately i have been uninspired to do anything. it could be because i have spent half my day dizzy or that i just feel like blah. i figure if it continues tomorrow i will just call my doctor because i really am tired of riding this ride...yup, ride, i feel like i am on the tea cup ride at sylvan beach...i am sure they have them everywhere but i rode those with my mom and after i rode those when i was like 5 i never rode them again. 

i just am in one of my moods. a mood where i just like being quiet. just sitting back and observing. i guess a week of not being able to talk teaches you how to just listen, observe and be content...not that i would ever wish to not to be able to talk, but it teaches you alot about yourself. people always think i am being rude when i dont talk and just nod my answer, but honestly i dont do it to be a jerk, i just like am subconsciously quiet. i dont wake up thinking how i am not going to talk that day, it just happens. who knows...

i have observations tomorrow, which means i get to get up bright and early, 6:15ish to be exact. uh it sucks getting up that early. i feel bad when i complain to my friends because i will always say something like, ugh i hate getting up at 6:15am and then they will say how they also hate it...but it takes alot for me not to respond back something like, yeah i would really hate getting up that early and NOT having that cute side effect of fatigue also. 

i had my education midterm tonight. i dont know who it was, all i know is that it was 10 essay questions and after like question 5 my hand was shaking, the room was tilting back and forth and all i could think was, does my teacher always bring two bags with him, or is the second bag some kind of man purse?

i was listening to vanessa carlton tonight and i forgot how much i loved her music...this song is superhero and i just love it and i definitely wouldnt object to having my own superhero...or even someone like edward cullen <3...ok>

"Superhero won't you come and take me away
Superhero won't you come and fly me away
Superhero, superhero, superhero won't you come
Save my day

Won't you, won't you, won't you take me home 
Won't you, won't you, won't you take me home
Won't you, won't you, won't you take
Won't you come and take me
Won't you come rescue me
Won't you come and take me"

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