Sunday, February 15

oh my bro!

so my brother had my car since thursday and today he came back to ra ra cha. after he dropped off his friends, him and i went to dinner. its always fun when you go to applebees with with bother and the waitress tell your YOUNGER brother all the good beers on the menu. ok ok, yes i look young and yes he has a fricken beard...but come on, he is still 18...i am jealous

so this morning my roommate and her cousin got up early and went to church and breakfast at my favorite place. no one ever told me so i had breakfast by myself here, and then wrote a paper, and then had lunch and listened to music all day.

i have still been in my ever so not nice, bitchy, funky mood. i am tired, and achy and just blah and that basically sums in up.

oh so one of my suite mates was complaining that she has to stay at school until the 5th of may. finals week is like a week long and when you are done with finals you get to leave. she unfortunately has a final on the last day. so i heard her complaining and sent her a text saying, dont be sad, be happy that you get to go to the MS YAY walk, boo western civ. So she came running out and told me all about how her and a few other girls were planning to do it and she was happy that i reminded her. 

i really love that people are going to walk in it. steph and i had been planning since i was diagnosed but to think that my other friends who do not have to stay are staying to walk it means the world.

so, go, get up and sign up, may 3rd is a big day walk!

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  1. So during the summer at the fair i was with my sister and she made me go to the wine tent thing that had wine slushies with her and they kept asking for her id but they kept trying to have me sample everything without asking me my age......and i totally do not look older than her, some people are just strange. i will leave it up to your imagination as to if i took the sample wine slushies or not......


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