Thursday, February 19

tysabri- infusion #2

my infusion went well, no complaints. since i was well hydrated the nurse had no issue stabbing me...i mean umm putting in the iv...she was busy talking and instead of saying "needle stick" when she poked me she forgot so i didnt expect it and i flinched a bit. 

i guess my lab work was good so they didnt feel the need to take my two tablespoons of blood...or maybe its teaspoons...i did have a high heart rate, but really i felt fine...i think its a white coat sydrome thing.

i forgot that tysabri is kept in a fridge, so when it goes in your body it is kinda cold, but i dont feel cold when i get it, my arm just sorta hurts. so i listen to my ipod and sit there for the hour infusion and then hang out for the additional hour wait time. its really not that bad. 2 hours once a month...lets hope it works well.

i heard again today that your body can "crave" this drug like 3 weeks into the 4 week wait time inbetween treatments. basically you get tired and you just get the feeling you need it again. people often call themselves addicts when this happens. i will be amused if i become an addict, mainly i will get to brag about being an addict. NOT that it is a good thing, or that i condone it, or that i want to be one...but come on, i wanna brag that i am addicted to something...

i finished my hospital stay with a cupcake with pink frosting and a chocolate milk. good ending to a not so bad visit.

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