Sunday, February 8

mmm Godiva cheesecake

ok so today my parents came out and they brought my grandparents with them. it was my grandmas birthday yesterday so we went to the cheesecake factory to celebrate. i brought my roommate and we also picked up my brother from his school. on the way to his school ( which is about 1 mile away) we almost got hit by a buy. so i was stopping at the end of a school road to turn left onto a main road and this bus who was also turning left into the road i was in turned way to soon and had to stop when he was about 5 inches away from my bumper. luckily i was able to back up and get away from the crazy man...

anyways we made it to the cheesecake factory and we had a interesting waiter who forgot to ask us for drink orders...and he messed up every salad dressing order...but he could tell us numerous boring facts about how the cheesecake factory is going to open in 2010-2011 in syracuse. yup, snoozefest.

i have a accounting test tomorrow, i have studied and studied and now i give up. i will take the test and hope for the best.

and now its a house marathon.  i love house. my mother hates house. i guess she has a right to. the first time she watched it was about 2 weeks after i got outta the hospital the second time and i had turned it on and they was some mentioning of a plasma exchange...i guess it was not a subject she wants to watch on tv. ok fair enough, but i love it because i like seeing the thought process and teams and i guess i feel like i relate to it somehow because i had a team of doctors who during my second hospital stay would come in and do tests and read scans and discuss possibilities.

and now i may itch to death, everything has itched all day...its weird.

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