Monday, February 16

i really am not always this obsessed

so i have to get this off my chest because i have been laughing to myself about it all day. i couldnt tell steph cause she would think i was beyond weird. i admit i am weird, but i hope whoever reads this finds it somewhat amusing.

so last night i was obviously sleeping but i had this dream. i was at my aunt house in a guest room upstairs. the door was open to my room and i was standing in the doorway. my aunt was downstairs in the kitchen. so when i was standing at the doorway with this blank expression, a door adjacent to my room opened and matt nathanson walked out. ( ok so i watch too many you tube videos of him, and i listen to his music when i sleep...and drive...and yup i am obsessed). i was super excited and kept saying, omg omg omg, you have to sign my pillow. yes, my pillow. and so he signed my pillow, and he was totally laughing at me, but i ran downstairs to tell my aunt all about it. after a while he came downstairs and headed off to a show. i ran back up stairs to stair at my pillow and noticed he wrote a note on the corner of my sheets, the note talked highlighted what he was excited about, i believe that he was proposing to his gf ( he really is married btw), he was playing letterman (which happened last friday) and the last one was that he was psyched to play niagara falls...

so i woke up after that, and sadly it was a dream, but i woke up listening to one of his songs and a smile on my face. whenever i thought about it today i started smiling and honestly, my day was awesome.

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