Thursday, February 12

uh that bitch.

ok so i am annoyed at one of my suitemates. she is one of the hannahs. she is a speech major. today in audiology she volunteered to participate in this test to test like auditory brain function. the professor messed up on the microphone in her ear and the test didnt pick up functioning in her ear, so she got all concerned and she mad this massive deal about it. oh btw after he fixed the microphone everything worked perfectly...but seriously, god forbid she is not perfect.we all know if she was flawed in any way it would be the end of the world. she makes me so mad. maybe its just because i am mad that i have something that cant be fixed, that  bothers me all the time, and that she freaks out at the thought of some kind of auditory brain problem. yup, the "thought"...maybe i should remind her that ms is indeed neurological. ugh she is a bitch. 

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