Wednesday, February 25

is spring here yet?

i love spring for one main reason: motorcycle season starts.

i used to ride on the back of my dads and last year i got my own license and my brother and i bought a bike. i love riding, and until the snow goes away there is no riding. my brother and i are going shopping saturday for a new helmet for him and new gloves for me...cant wait...

riding just makes me feel better...just so free

i was listening to christina aguilera's song makeover...

"Feeling confined, like I'm being forced in
My vision's blurry and I'm lost in regrets
It's overload, and I'm out of control (out of control)

So sick and tired of feeling so misused (feeling so misused)
Taking me down with all your mental abuse
I must say, gotta get you out of my head

Everybody's always trying to look me over (look me over)
I just wanna live simple and free
I just wanna get away
Save it, all your bullshit, for another day
I'm the only one who can rescue me from me

Leaving the house another quarter to five
Slipped on my boots and I'm ready to ride
And I feel so high, I feel so alive

Let down my hair, feel the wind on my skin (wind on my skin)
Crossing the water where my new life begins
And I close my eyes and take it all in"

...don't worry i always wear my helmet...

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