Sunday, February 22

yo no se

yo no se- i dont know

i dont know anything anymore. i am just over stuff. anyways, this morning my dad made me a giant breakfast...and it was his super amazing one that brought me back to his firefighter days. my dad is a retired firefighter, he retired we he was like 41ish i think, i had just finished 7th grade. i just love his firehouse cooking though, it rocks.

i messed around on the wii fit today. oddly i think the balance helps. but s adly the vertigo thing is acting up. i have felt like i am on a ship all day, even when i was driving back here all of a sudden i was thinking, shit the road is tipping back and forth.

yeah driving with that prob isnt good and yeah i havent told my parents at all but then i wouldnt be able to drive ever, and i am gonna guess that i am ok.

i am ok.


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