Thursday, February 19

my day- part deux

after my infusion i drove to my grandparents and had lunch. i spent the rest of the afternoon watching soap operas with my grandma. we talked about each character, and frankly its fun when you are talking about how promiscuous certain ones are, or how bad their hair looks.

i then drove back to syracuse. being back home is nice. whenever i walk in the door i just feel more at ease. i love my room (i painted it myself, its so me and perfect...striped and dark and just my own space). everything here just feels right. 

i had the usually "debriefing" with my dad. i tell him everything that is going on. we do this once a week it seems, whether in person or on the phone. he can solve any of my problems and just talking to him makes everything in my mind make a bit more sense. he can calm me down better than anyone i know, which says alot, because to know that in a middle of a emotional breakdown i can pick of the phone and call him and he will just listen to me cry and wait till i can attempt to make some kind of sense is amazing. my mom would get frusterated and prob. drive out to rochester. my dad just knows that i need to get my stress out, and he can deal with it better than anyone i know.

when my mom got home for work we broke out the wii fit. my mom recently bought this and she was showing it off, and i was excited to hop on and beat her scores. of course, before i can begin the  ass kicking, the wii fit has to kick my ass and break me in two. when i was in the hospital i lost like 17+ of course the major steroid doses and the fact that i could eat again meant that i would gain weight. i gained more than i wanted and the wii fit let me know by placing me in the "overweight" category. i honestly think that if i was home alone i would have sat down and cried. i still want to. apparently my desk drawer filled with candy has finally caught up to me...or up to my ass. 

i know that having ms means that things are harder. i know that i have to work hard to be in good shape and overall fit because i know that it will only make things easier for me. but i am one of those, eat away your worries kinda gals. my aunts on my fathers side all have that problem...i just dont wanna let go as much as they did. 

i think planet fitness is calling my name tomorrow...

this is the first night benadyrl free. i know when someone reads this they are probably thinking i am weird, and yup an addict, but honestly if you are not me, you have no idea what goes through my mind and you dont realize how aweful it is when you cant stop your mind...if your thoughts played through your mind 24/7 i think you would be just as satisfied with benadryl as i am.

anyways, its getting a bit late...but i found this piece of a song that i love...the whole song though makes me smiles...

"I have an excellent father
His strength is making me stronger"
-taylor swift- the best day

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