Tuesday, February 10

so today i woke up at 6:00, i had to observe this morning and i am rather certain that ms should have a nickname like the yawn inducer. i musta yawned about a million times this morning. anyways in school i graded assignments and put them in a grade book...i was a teacher for umm 20 minutes...

so i took a two hour nap. two hours was not long enough but it has got me through the rest of the day. but now i may collapse on my bed. i have a consumer behavior test tomorrow, it makes me feel sick. 

this is like the worst blog post ever, my suitemate is talking insanely loud to her parents and distracting me. yup, i am self centered...i wanna study and i want her to shut up and i dont care that she has funny stories...nope nope nope i dont care.

tomorrow i am going to that ms meeting...meeting at friendlys...and umm my roommate wanted to know why, when, why and with whom i was going to meet...and so i handed her the flyer which she said had limited details and so i filled her in so she wouldnt hate me. not like hate me, but she would think that i was hiding something, which i wasent but i waset like open...

so now like sleep..or something...or studying

btw i love my ipod because i can sleep with matt nathanson singing in my ears...at least then i wake up smiling

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