Saturday, February 14

longest day ever.

so i used to be able to function on 7 hours of sleep. yup, i remember those days...oh shit they were only less then what 6 months ago, not even. so whatever, me on whatever hours of sleep i got last night makes me a few things...bitchy, tired, annoyed, clumsy and oh yeah bitchy...yup bitchy twice cause i dont give a shit

i totally do not function well tired. everything annoys me. and ugh valentines day annoys me. i hate the dining hall on valentines day because there is like 10 people there and you are just reminded that you are one of the few dateless people there...

having a 12 year old around is starting to get to me. today we built a fort. i honestly dont miss fort building day. nope not at all. i like having my blankets folded up on my bed and i would prefer them not hanging from wardodes, connected to dressers, taped to desks and chairs...i think you get the point.

i also dont like playing games inside tents for hours...reading in the dark gives me a headache, and it oddly makes me feel like i am going to have a spasm...all my muscles start to like shake and i honestly hate that feeling. 

for now my roommate and her cousin are in the other room painting. i skipped out. i may snap if i participate...and if i didnt snap i would paint something that had some meaning behind it and it would prob be all black and emo'ish and yeah totally not a good impression.

so i am trying to relax and just chill, so i am watching you tube videos with my favorite matt least he makes me laugh

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